Paint and Varnish

Paint and Varnish

Emulsion Paints
Emulsion Paints are much common as indoor and outdoor wall paint.

Especially for outdoor applications excellent weather and alkali stability as well as high light fastness are absolutely necessary.

Colouring with inorganic colour pigments or pigment preparations gives individual touch to emulsion paints by a wide colour range.

The well proven pigments as Bayferrox® iron oxides, Chrome Oxide Green or HEUCODUR® mixed metal oxide pigments show the highest weather and colour stability.

Industrial Paints
No matter whether epoxy systems for primer or acrylate and polyester resins for outdoor paintings are concerned in respect to light and weather stability inorganic pigments are first quality.

However in a range of temperatures of >180° C the limited heat resistance of common iron oxides has to be considered.

Water Paints
Water paints have gained in importance by the (total or partial) replacement of solvents and will become even more important in many fields in the next few years.

Heat resistant systems
There are paint systems which have to be burned-in. Beside the highly burned-in industrial paints there are coil-coating systems and powder paints.

In this case heat resistance of the pigments to be used have to be considered.

Powder Paints
If modern, environmental friendly coatings are concerned, powder paint is one of the best solutions. It is solvent free, eco efficient and danger of fire and explosion are much smaller than in case of solvent containing liquid paints.

UV Paints
UV hardening paint systems have become more and more important in the last few years. Very fast drying make high production speeds possible and thus allowing a much faster processing of the single components.