We colour the world!

About us

SCHOLZ BENELUX is an independent part of the Harold Scholz & Co Group. The Harold Scholz & Co Group supplies pigments for various application areas (see below). With technical advice and dosing solutions she has been bringing color to our living environment for more than 100 years. Color matches for various applications are developed and prepared by our color specialists.

SCHOLZ BENELUX represents a number of leading German producers and supplies various industries in the Benelux countries. The products and interests of the producers listed below are brought onto the market from the office in Ede.

LANXESS is since 2000 the main supplier of the Harold Scholz & Co Group and Scholz Benelux has been the exclusive distributor of producer LANXESS for inorganic iron oxide pigments. In addition, the Harold Scholz & Co Group produces high-performance pigment pastes, soot dispersions, slurries and soot spray granules. Lightfast pigment, Nussbeize, ultramarine blue also belong to the delivery package.

BRUCHSALER FARBEN produces high-quality chrome-yellow and molybate pigments that have been expanded in the mid-1990s with lead-free alternatives, the bismuth vanadate pigments. Bruchsaler Farben offers tailor-made solutions for various binders and is therefore an attractive producer in the paint & varnish industry.

CEBRA CHEMIE produces polymer dispersions for decor paper, textiles, wood and leather. With tailor-made polymer dispersions, Cebra Chemie is an interesting partner for the decor paper industry and the wood and textile industry. With products for high gloss effect on paper, impregnants for glossy and water-repellent cardboard products. Binders and impregnation agents are available for non-woven products.

What do we deliver?


Brand names pigments:

BAYFERROX®, COLORTHERM® en Bayscape® pigments from LANXESS.
Euronyl®– & Euronox®– pigment pastes, GRAPA® soot granulates from The HAROLD SCHOLZ & CO Group.
Brufablend®, Brufasol®, Brufatec® pigments from BRUCHSALER FARBEN.
Eurocryl®, Eurovac®, polymer dispersions from CEBRA CHEMIE.


Application areas:

Concrete products, Concrete slabs, Dry mortar, Precast concrete, Concrete, Bitumen,

Industrial coatings, Powder coatings, UV paints, Water-based paint, Heat-resistant systems

Plastic, Rubber, Paper, Non-woven, Wood Plastic Compound and Wood chips.


The history of the Harold Scholz & Co Group starts with the founding of the company Harold Wilson & Scholz, founded by Karl Anton Rudolf Scholz and the Englishman Harold Wilson. They traded natural iron oxides and white pigment Lithopon.

In the twenties, Harold Scholz used his contacts with IG Farbenindustrie AG, the forerunner of the Bayer group, and proposed to market the iron oxides they produced. He had discovered that the addition of pigments gave much more color to the construction products and thus to the living environment, which until then had been much colorless.

In 2004, Bayer split the pigment division into the LANXESS company. However, the collaboration with Scholz was continued unabated. The family character of the Harold Scholz & Co Group was also retained and the fourth generation Scholz is now in the management.

Pigments are still the core products of the Harold Scholz & Co Group. Since 2000, the company has been the exclusive distributor of LANXESS, the world’s largest pigment factory, producing high-performance BAYFERROX®, COLORTHERM® and Bayscape® pigments. The Scholz Group continues to invest in product innovation, in service and in relations with its customers and producers. And besides the BAYFERROX®, COLORTHERM® and Bayscape® pigments, the delivery package of pigments has expanded over the years.

The Harold Scholz & Co Group is headquartered in Recklinghausen (D) and is active in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and parts of Africa. Scholz Benelux BV was established in 1991 for the benefit of the activities in the Benelux. After the start in Rhenen and a long-term branch in Wageningen, the Scholz Benelux office is now in Ede.

In addition to the interests of the Harold Scholz & Co Group, Scholz Benelux also exclusively represents the following producers:

• Bruchsaler Farben GmbH (o.m. bismuth vanadaten) www.bruchsaler-farben.de
• Cebra Chemie GmbH (polymerdispersions) www.cebra-bramsche.de